Launched in December 2021, Ciao Cécile is that little idea that has been growing in my mind for a couple of months. It's a meeting between a university business major, a fascination for the fashion and luxury world, a sewing and garment-making hobby and a pinch of madness.

Our choice of using primarily fabric remnants to make our accessories is a sustainable approach in line with our willingness to reduce fabric waste. We optimise the use of our off-cuts in order to have very little to zero fabric leftover.

Our Scrunchie Collection is the result of a meticulous selection of fabric remnants and off-cuts, a savoir-faire acquired from numerous sewing projects and courses as well as a particular attention to detail with a subtle final stitching done by hand.

I hope our products will bring a touch of colour to your daily life.

Cécile, Founder of Ciao Cécile