The concept

If you are familiar with the fashion world and the garment-making process, you probably noticed that after making a piece of clothing, there's most of time some fabric "leftovers" after you cut out the different parts of the pattern. Fabric shops also end up with "leftovers" when the fabric roll comes to an end and there's just not enough meters to be sold. They usually put these remnants in a box somewhere in the store, to be sold individually, usually at a lower price considering the dimensions of the piece of fabric (quite often less than 1 meter).

At Ciao Cécile, we have decided to use these "leftovers" and create luxury accessories made from these fabric remnants and offcuts. 

The goal is to minimise the waste of material (fabric) by using the whole piece of fabric that we have.

Therefore you might notice some differences in patterns and product sizes depending on the remnant used to make the accessory. 

We try to use what's left to make the best.

Our remnants come from various fabric stores or are gifted by other seamstresses.